Training Methodology Specialist (TMS)
Training Methodology Specialist (TMS)


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Safety training may not be perceived as the most exciting topic, but it can be the difference between life and death. Therefore, effective safety training is imperative. This course defines adult learning styles, reviews various models for implementing effective training objectives (ADDIE, ABCD, and others), differentiates training adults versus children, discusses methods for dealing with problem students, and explores ways to conduct training that empowers employees to work safely.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:

  • Define the various types of adult learning styles.
  • Recognize the difference between the andragogy and pedagogy training methodologies.
  • Define the various types of trainers and the characteristics of an effective trainer.
  • Recognize the various types of problem students that may be encountered in adult training instruction.
  • Effectively utilize the various types of training communications
  • Define the components of an effective Safety Management Education and Training System.
  • Conduct safety training that changes the way employees work within a successful safety culture.


A refresher course and exam will be required every three (3) years. The cost of this recertification is $95.

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